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voice-to-Flash output


To use the output file in your web page, you will need to copy the SWF (Flash) file to your web server and reference it in the enclosing HTML page. The location of the SWF file is Program Files\SwiffRec\data\FlashMP3.SWF.

You can rename this file to anything with a .SWF extension. You can also use this HTML page as a template, and copy the code to embed the Flash (SWF) file into your own web page. Remember if you change the name of the file FlashMP3.SWF, you'll need to change the two references to it in the HTML (for the IE OBJECT tag and the Netscape EMBED tag).

If you put the HTML and the SWF file on your web site (or simply run it from your local PC) make sure both files are in the same directory.

For further information on this and other free Flash tools, visit the Powerbullet home page.